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Blood Sugar Test Kit: Package upgrade, the blood glucose kit including-Sinocare blood sugar monitor Safe-Accu & Strips x 50 & Lancets x 50 & Painfree lancing device & Case & User manual. A set of equipment to meet all your needs when taking a diabete test.


High Cost Performance: affordable, low price, full-featured, suitable for long-term use in blood testing.


Precise & Easy to Use: the diabete test kit uses Codefree test strips, which requires only 10 seconds of test time and 0.6 microliters of blood sample volume. The blood sugar test strip have advanced technology and stability. Results given in the UK standard measurement of mmol/L when testing blood sugar.


Convenient: This glucose blood monitor has the advantages of exquisite and lightweight. Easy to carry anywhere. Allows you to easily take a sugar blood test while you are on a business trip or traveling.


Large Memory Capacity: The blood sugar monitor's memory capacity reaches 200, which can display the data average of 7 days, 14 days and 28 days. Easy access to historical data at any time.

Sinocare Glucose Test Strips 50pcs

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