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Old Spice gift sets for men are the coolest gift to wow the modern man because you simply can't go wrong with the irresistible manly scents of Old Spice. The father gift set box from Old Spice contains the Original deodorant stick and aftershave lotion. The deodorant spray will give your underarms long-lasting protection. The toiletries come packed in a carton box with a father design that is customisable with a personal design in the front panel. The gift box also includes DIY Domino games. Cut the Domino pieces from the sides of the box and enjoy a smelltastic Domino game. The Best Father Gift set products feature the Original fragrance, with effervescent citrus, spicy clove and balsam notes. The gift set sleeve label is made from 80% recycled paper and with FSC responsibly sourced material

Old Spice Original Gift Set 2 Pack

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