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  • Helps to Build Bulk Muscle
  • Packed with Protein and Carbohydrates
  • No Fat or Refined Sugars

Nutrisport Weight Gain is a high calorie meal replacement product.

A good daily diet is important and should be supplemented at least 3 times per day with a nutritious drink (between meals). The extra protein and carbohydrate (not fat and refined sugar) will enable your body to gain weight healthily.

Weight Gain is ideal for those with a fast metabolism or lean physique who find it difficult to bulk up with their normal calorie intake.

Most of the energy comes from carbohydrates and protein rather than fat (35% protein, 50% carbs, 4% fat).9g Creatine and 18g BCAAs per daily serving.
Suitable for Vegetarians . Available at and in store

Nutrisport Weight Gain 1.4kg

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