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Nivea Firming Lotion Q10 is designed to leave skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. Nivea’s unique Q10 formula helps stimulate cells energy production in the upper skin layers, and for toned and tightened skin, the lotion penetrates deeply to intensively moisturise and support the skins natural structure.


Over time skin can lose firmness and elasticity. This fantastic new formula containing skin's own coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C, moisturises skin for 48h, providing a smooth skin feeling and helping to support skin cell renewal.


    Nivea Firming Lotion Q10

    • What are the key features of Nivea Firming Lotion Q10?

      What is q10 in body lotion?

      Lotion with Q10 helps to counteract premature aging, firms your skin for radiance, and helps support skin cell renewal. The Q10 in Nivea Firming Lotion works with your skin and helps improve the texture and tone of your skin.

        • Leaves your skin feeling firmer and tighter in 10 days
        • Nourishes and intensively moisturises for smooth and supple skin
        • Intensively moisturises skin for 48h for a smooth skin feeling
        • Free from colourants to care for your skin
        • Pump format for convenient usage
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