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Simply spray Dr. Beckmann Spray Starch and iron for a fresh crisp finish on cottons and linens. Increases protection from dirt and wear.



Product Features:


+Simply spray and iron

+Gives clothes a crisp finish

+Increases protection from dirt

+For Cottons and Linens


Dr. Beckmann Spray Starch Usage Instructions:

Important Information:

Always follow the care label instructions for garment.

Not suitable for dry clean only garments.

Test dark and delicate materials on an inconspicuous area first.


1. Shake the can and then spray evenly onto the fabric from about 20cm tilting the can as little as possible.

2. Using a clean iron, iron as usual at the correct temperature for the garment.

3. Repeat above process if more crispness is required.

Dr. Beckmann Spray Starch 400ml

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