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Fantastically fresh green tea and cucumber scent

Dove Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant 250ml

  • 0% alcohol to help reduce irritation

    Up to 48 hours of confidence-boosting antiperspirant protection

    Contains our unique ¼ moisturising cream

    Helps delicate underarm skin to recover from irritation caused by shaving


    Cucumber and green tea aren’t just great in drinks – there's nothing like their fresh scent to put a spring in your step first thing in the morning. Throw in our reliable Dove antiperspirant formula and unique ¼ moisturising cream, and you've got just what you need to start the day feeling refreshed, cared for, and ready for a confident, fresh-smelling day. Dove Cucumber & Green Tea Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Spray contains our nourishing ¼ moisturising cream which helps delicate underarm skin to recover from the irritation that shaving can cause. You’ll have beautifully soft and smooth underarms in just three days

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