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Capturing the vibrant pulse of New York City and the effortlessly cool vibe of a confident woman as her story unfolds, the next chapter in DKNY Stories is a fresher, lighter interpretation of the signature DKNY Stories Eau de Parfum.

Inspired by the moments of adventure that make you and the city come alive, DKNY Stories Eau de Toilette sparkles as a radiant and feminine floral scent enhanced with juicy fruit notes.

DKNY Stories 50ml

  • The fragrance opens with a burst of bright peach and signature pink guava mousse notes, next, blooming rose, pink iris notes, and white jasmine reflect a promising spirit at the heart, that gives way to clean white woods and pink suede notes, with a creamy musk that bring luminosity and softness for a page-turning finish and the perfect complement to the richer oriental floral of DKNY Stories Eau de Parfum

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