2×90 sets memory: Memory function, Double Mode, totally can store 180 readings automatically.
It can store/sava measurements/reading for 2 different person (90 Each)and monitor blood pressure changes.
Intelligent blood pressure monitor: One-key operation, intelligent measuring and reading.
CE0123, show the measured results with a high precision value, short the measure time effectively than previous sphygmomanometer. One person can operate it alone.
Small size and Innovative design.
Easy to operate for adults, young people and old people.
It's portable, you can use it at anytime and anywhere.
It requires 4 X AAA batteries (Not Included).
Batteries not included in the package.
Colour: White


Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Functions:
    1. Blood Pressure Indicator
    2. Sign of Battery Low Voltage
    3. Memory Icon
    4. High Pressure (Pressure of Systolic)
    5. Low Pressure (Pressure of Systolic)
    6. Groups of User
    7. Indicator of Average Value
    8. Voice Icon (no icon if without voice function)
    9. Memory Group
    10. Heartbeat Icon
    11. Pulse Display Number

    Display Mode: LCD Digital Display
    Measurement Method: Oscillographic Measurement Method
    Measurement Range:
    Pressure: 0~280mmHg (0kPa-37.3kPa
    Pulse: 40~199 Beats/Min
    Accuracy: Pressure:
    Within +/- 3mmHg,
    Pulse: Within +/- 5%
    Resolution: 1mmHg (0.1kPa)
    Power Supply: DC 5V (4X AAA Batteries) Both Not included
    Weight: 450gms
    Dimensions: 116 x 98 x 60mm
    Accessories Included: Cuff Band, Product Manual

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