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- Kills 99.9% of Bacteria*: Including COVID-19 Virus**, E.coli and the influenza virus
- Antibacterial Formula: Use this Dettol spray to leave your surfaces hygienically clean
- Multipurpose Cleaning: Use our antibacterial spray as a bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner and on a variety of surfaces around your home.
- Tough on Dirt: A cleaning spray that attacks burnt-on-food, grease and bathroom and kitchen grime without any effort
- Fresh Fragrance: Enjoy a long-lasting, fresh citrus fragrance
- Quick, Effecitve Cleaning: Use our no-rinse surface cleaner on food preparation areas, highchairs and more

Stay on top of all your household cleaning with Dettol Power & Fresh Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray. It really does it all: cleans and leaves a fresh, long-lasting fragrance. The triple-action antibacterial spray tackles the toughest dirt, including burnt-on food, kitchen grease and bathroom grime, and is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria*, including the COVID-19 Virus**, E.coli and the influenza virus.

Dettol Power Multi Purpose Spray

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