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Washing liquid capsules removes stains, for a clean & crisp freshness (Seriously)

Removes stains (even enormous ones)

Cleans deep (seriously)

Brightens (wow!)

Freshens (mmm)

Effective cleaning even at 20°C (Brrr)


One solution to keep white & coloured clothes bright (no nonsense)

Ecoclic cardboard box: Let's reduce plastic with DAZ All-in-1 PODS® washing tablets now coming in a recyclable cardboard box, containing maximum 5% plastic, designed to preserve your PODS®


DAZ has always been NO NONSENSE, but SERIOUS about cleaning. Now experience the stains removal, clean & crisp freshness with DAZ washing capsules for BOTH Whites & Colours. DAZ All-in-1 PODS® have a unique three-chamber design. Upon contact with water, their 100% water-soluble film fully dissolves to release powerful stain-removing technologies. On top, DAZ washing tablets can now help reduce plastic thanks to their recyclable ECOCLIC cardboard box! It only contains maximum 5%, designed to preserve your PODS®. DAZ has been doing this Brilliant cleaning thing since ’53, so it's safe to say we know DAZ onions when it comes to CLEANING your clothes AND making sure your colourful clothes stay BRILLIANTLY COLOURFUL! Don’t underestimate DAZ.


WARNING. This product may be harmful and could cause serious injury. Always keep DAZ All-in-1 PODS® washing capsules laundry detergent out of reach of children. Visit for more information.

Daz All-in-1 Pods

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