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Charlie Blue 
Floral geranium, jasmine, rose 

 Mossy woods, sandalwood 
Oakmoss and musk 

Charlie Blue Perfume 100ml

  • TheRevlon Charlie Blue Perfume for Women presents a unique blend of fruity, flowery and musk notes. You can wear this fragrance for both brunches and corporate parties alike. The charismatic, feminine and fresh scent of Charlie Blue certainly is a must-have for every woman. Full of surprises and miracles, the perfume unleashes a symphony of free spirit as youspray through different notes of the fragrance. The magic commences with the top note of fruity fusion and nasturtium.It then makes its way through the middle note of rose, jasmine, and lily and plum apricot perfume. The journey reaches its well deserved climax when the base note radiates the essence of ambery vanilla heliotrope flower and tonka beans.

    The Revlon Charlie Blue Perfume for Women has a combination of fragrances at each level that woos your senses and lifts up your mood. If you don’t have the perfume in your collection yet, you must buy Revlon Charlie Red Perfume for Women today to experience the magic.

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