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Biore Rose Quartz Pore Scrub 110ml


Bioré Rose Quartz Pore Refining Scrub, with Skin Purifying Technology, exfoliates to target deep down dirt and oil that can cause blemishes without disturbing the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Warnings or Restrictions

For external use only. Avoid eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children.


Biore Rose Quartz Pore Scrub 110ml

    • EXFOLIATING FACIAL CLEANSER - This cleanser for oily skin and beyond dives deep into pores targeting daily dirt, excess oil, and impurities to seriously purify and exfoliate.
    • ENERGIZES SKIN AND DETOXIFIES PORES - Its formula purifies and detoxifies without disrupting or irritating skin after just one use. It absorbs excess oil and adds self-love to energize your skin as a pore cleanser.
    • CLEANS 2X BETTER THAN BASIC CLEANSERS - Its cleansing molecules target dirt and other impurities instead of your skin's natural moisture, for a clean that's 2x better than a basic cleanser.
    • ROSE QUARTZ AND SKIN PURIFYING TECHNOLOGY - Infused with rose quartz, the love crystal, and formulated using Japanese skin-purifying technology for radiant skin you'll love.
    • #1 CHARCOAL CLEANSING BRAND - Natural charcoal targets impurities and lifts them from the skin's surface for beautifully clean skin and unclogged pores.
  • So when it comes to dirt and oil, we take a no nonsense approach to fight smarter, not harder. Our scrub, liquid, powder, strip, mask and bar cleansing products go straight to the source of those pesky pores for deeply clean, beautiful skin. Satisfaction Guarantee.

    • CLEARS PORES & HELPS PREVENT BLEMISHES - With natural charcoal and Biore Skin Purifying technology, our acne cleanser helps to clear pores and prevent the development of new acne-related blemishes.
    • HELP STOP FUTURE BREAKOUTS - By combining a charcoal face wash with 1% Salicylic Acid to treat existing acne, you can help avoid your next breakout.
    • PURIFY YOUR PORES - Deep cleans pores for balanced purification, this face wash for acne and pimples is infused with natural charcoal.
    • DESIGNED FOR DAILY USE - Intended for oily skin, our acne facial cleanser is dermatologist tested and oil-free. For optimal results, use daily. Reduce usage if irritation occurs after using this facial cleanser.
    • GREAT FOR OILY SKIN - This formula, with Charcoal, works to absorb excess oil, making this acne product an ideal cleanser for oily skin.
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