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Beyonce Heat Kissed For Women Fragrance Natural Deodorant Spray 75ml 



A fragrance with a charming, seductive character. Its fruity and exotic composition stimulates your passion and senses. The fragrance will appeal to women who want to arouse passionate feelings and attract attention.

When the moment of attraction of the State undeniably jumps Spark Between two people, their lips meet from a flash It becomes a flame. The latest addition from Beyoncé to make Her Successful Vuni Heat family, Beyoncé Heat Kissed, captures TuTo's sensual intensity in the vial.

To create this seductive fragrance, Beyoncé's partner became the perfumer Laurent Le Guernec from the IFF company. The warming aroma is accentuated by jasmine sambac oil from Moroccan roses, which are well known for their rich intensity.

The Heart Scent is surrounded by fruity notes in the head - Dragon Fruit, LiCl ripe mango - together they add Vuni Beyoncé Heat kissed by her exciting character. Sheet music of exotic wood made of natural patchouli of African sandalwood with insurance with vanilla extract form an enchanting drink of love.

The fragrance Beyoncé Heat Kissed IS hidden in a typical bottle, this time in deep red shades embodying the spirit of the scent. A gold ring with the name Beyoncé hugs the neck of the bottle. The outer box boasts shades of distinct black burgundy, which are decorated with lips ready for a kiss.

Beyonce Heat Kissed For Women 75ml

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